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Our Commitment

Official’s Wearhouse is about so much more than just selling hockey gear; it’s about being a part of the hockey community. We know the game, we love the game, and we bring that passion to our work every day. Chris and Megan have built upon the store’s legacy to meet today’s needs while staying true to the spirit of the sport.

Unlike many online sports stores, we offer a human element – real advice, real support, and a real community. Whether you’re picking up your first whistle or you’ve been officiating for years, we’re here to help, to answer your questions, and to make sure you get what you need.

Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We’re here to talk hockey, help with gear, or just share stories about the game we all love.

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Excellent Service

Our customers are our first priority. When you work with us, know that you’ll get our best every time.



The store includes a broad line of brand name sporting goods equipment, apparel, and team wear.



We love the game as much as you do, which is why you can trust our products and recommendations.

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Great Price

We believe you shouldn’t sacrifice great quality for affordability. That’s why we offer you both.

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Our Story

Official’s Wearhouse began in 1995 in Fairport, New York, born from a simple but real need. Two hockey officials, frustrated by the lack of comprehensive options for referee equipment, decided to create a solution: a one-stop-shop exclusively for hockey officials. Starting from a basement, their vision was to provide a full range of high-quality gear for their fellow referees.

As the years passed, the store evolved alongside the sport it served. Initially a niche destination for refs, it expanded its reach, becoming a trusted source for high-quality uniforms and apparel for referees and teams alike.

In 2021, a new chapter began with Chris and Megan. With backgrounds in finance and biomedical research and a shared love for hockey, they brought a fresh perspective to Official’s Wearhouse. Chris brought a personal understanding of the game to Official’s Wearhouse, drawn from his own experience as a hockey referee. His connection to the sport runs deep, as his father has been the coach for the local high school hockey team for over 30 years.

Chris and Megan’s decision to take over Official’s Wearhouse was driven by a desire to build something lasting for both the hockey community and their growing family. Having young children, family is at the core of everything they do. They also respected the store’s long-standing reputation and were determined to keep up the high standards of quality and service, all while reaching out to more people who love the game just like they do.

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